How it works

Opus Digital are bringing the process of ordering school photograph prints into the 21st Century

Traditionally, we receive your order for prints through the School. Now we let you purchase over the Internet.

It's faster, more flexible and you get to keep a store of your images in 'Your Memories'

Finding your photos

The photographs of your child are already in our system - you just need to find them.

To make sure only the people who should be able to see the photo has access to them, you'll see two numbers on your proof.

The first is an image number, the second is a unique 4 letter code.

Only by having both details can you find your photo.

Ordering your prints

Once you've found your print, simply select it and then choose a product. Add this to your basket - you can add as many prints as you like to a single order.

Getting your prints

If the photos you've selected have been recently taken, it might be possible to deliver your order to the schools involved which means we don't have to charge any postage. Note that ALL the photos in the order must be deliverable to the school for this option to be available.